Pixel5, 4, 3

Pixel5, 4, 3

How to wrap?

First, be sure to wipe the unit clean with the cleaning wipe provided.

If you apply the skin sticker with dirt remaining, it will peel off easily.


Attach the skin sticker to the camera part. (Some models do not come with camera parts.)


Remove the skin sticker from the main unit, place it upside down, and remove the logo mark part. Since it is pre-cut, it can be removed by pressing it with a thin, sharp object. Please note that it is not possible to remove only the logo part after it has been attached to the device.


Align the speaker hole (orange part) at the bottom of the main unit with the skin sticker and temporarily affix the skin sticker.


While holding down the skin sticker, align it with the rear camera (orange part) and apply it.


Gently peel off the orange skin sticker from the temporarily affixed orange area.


Warm the sides and the area around the camera (orange area) with warm air from a hair dryer, and when the skin sticker is soft enough, apply it along the sides. If the skin seal is applied before it has softened, it may peel off later or not adhere properly. Leave the four corners (pink areas) floating without attaching.


After all the side parts have been applied, warm the four corners of the back side (orange areas) with warm air from a hair dryer and apply the skin sticker when it is soft enough. Next, warm the four corners of the side side (pink areas) and apply the skin sticker. Be careful not to pull on the skin seal at this time, as it will stretch. If the skin seal does not adhere well and starts to float, peel off the skin seal in the area where it is floating and apply warm air from a hair dryer before attaching it.