iPad (Type:B)

iPad (Type:B)

How to wrap?

First, be sure to wipe the unit clean with the cleaning wipe provided.

If you apply the skin sticker with dirt remaining, it will peel off easily.


Remove the excess skin sticker from the base paper. Next, peel off the skin sticker from the main unit and place it inside out, then shift the backing paper and reattach it from the top as shown in the figure below.


Align the rear camera and rear microphone (orange areas) and apply the skin sticker. Pull out the backing paper and apply the entire skin sticker, then rub the skin sticker firmly to press the skin sticker in place. Avoid aligning the skin seal with the Apple logo, as this will cause the skin seal to slip. Also, when peeling off the skin seal to reapply before crimping, be careful of the direction in which you peel off the skin seal, as it may tear from the edge of the Apple logo.


With the screen attached, align the upper part of the screen (orange part) and paste it. Pull out the backing paper, align the lower part of the screen, and paste it. The holes on the top of the screen other than the front camera are for the brightness sensor.